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It’s been a while since me and the hubby have been able to get in some quality alone time. Now that football season is officially over and I’m finally getting a hold of my schedule, we found time in between our current travel plans to spend a quiet night away from home before the lover’s day holiday (Valentine’s Day).

I love celebrating the holidays with my family but being able to spend time with my husband means just as much. He’s my best friend.

It’s always nice being able to switch up our environment and detach from our day-to-day. Life, as I’ve said it before can be very hectic. We immerse ourselves into work, our children, their lives, our technologies, and often times forget to unplug and relax our bodies, minds, and spirits.

Knowing when to unplug is vital. Unplugging along with your partner is also necessary.  

Rodger and I are often very busy – there are many times we aren’t able to sit down together for dinner, so being able to set aside time for US is always a priority. Putting our love first allows us to love our children in the same way.

One-on-one time with your partner can often times rekindle dwindling flames and help spark new fires.

We decided to create more heat with a one-night staycation at the timeless Mr. C Beverly Hills Hotel.  It’s one of my favorite places to stay when being away from home.  The glamorous Mr. C has the most stunning views of Beverly Hills. Not only is it a beautiful hotel, but the service is also spectacular!


I live for their rooftop pool and in-room massages. Mr. C is literally every girl’s playground.

The hotel’s onsite restaurant makes it so that you never have to leave. Delicious bites are just a step away from your room.

Trust me when I say booking a room at Mr. C is never a bad idea.

Naturally coming up with an agenda, I wanted to reflect during our time away from our minis. My focus was to draw a greater connection to my husband.

I used some of the time we shared to do a bit of self-development by taking time to read and continued to keep up with the #DrankMoWater challenge.

“Feeding myself mentally is the first step in being a balanced partner”.

Rodger and I kicked off our evening with a movie after ordering room service along with a bottle of wine. We talked about everything but business or anything related to our home. We completely disconnected and poured into one another…and our wine glasses. 😉

Our goal was to relax and have fun. That we did!

Another one of my favorite things to do is dress up for my love.

Ladies, don’t be afraid to dress up for your partner. At home you might just where one of his big t-shirt; throw him off his game a bit with a quick switch up. Put on that super cute loungewear you’ve been saving. I promise you’ll both love it.

The night didn’t end there — as I mentioned before, Mr. C’s in-house restaurant is convenient and is the perfect place for a romantic dinner.

All black was our theme for the evening and I couldn’t wait to slip into my little black dress from House of CB. I paired it with my favorite Michael Kors black heels, Chanel bag and baby dubbed me a 10!


I put together a Valentine’s Day couples inspired lookbook just for you! Check it out below:  

As a highly competitive duo we are continuously driven by our goals. Being able to accomplish a goal filled with relaxation was rejuvenating for the both of us.

This staycation led us to return to home relaxed and refreshed as a unified front.

It’s important to actively nurture your relationship and without letting life get in the way. Continuously seeking balance in all aspects of your life can prompt the fruitfulness not only in the relationship you have with yourself, but the one you have with your partner as well.

Valentine’s day is a national day of love…not the only day.


Spread love, always!

Be blessed. Be balanced because you deserve it!



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