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I cannot believe I’m about to write this, but my baby boy is FOUR! Howwwwww did this happen!? I swear I was just holding him for the first time like two minutes ago! But here we are, and Mr. Price is FOUR years old! And you mamas know I love a good birthday party, and that’s rubbed off on my kids. So we had to throw a party to celebrate Price in style, even if it was thrown together last minute within only a few days, in the middle of the week, and during playoffs.

We didn’t forget about Price, we just knew it was potentially going to be an insane time for our fam, so we weren’t sure we could swing making a big party happen, since Rodge’s schedule was completely up in the air. But we did! And it was so much fun.

The Theme

First off, a HUGE shout-out to a fellow Balanced Mom, party-throwin’ friend of mine, Arteria Hickman, founder and head event stylist of The Art Group LA, an event production company that totally came in clutch for this last minute party and was amazing to work with. Seriously, check them out if you need a party planning assist!  Arteria helped me organize and execute the perfect party vision for Price and made it happen during a week of absolute craziness at our house. Legit couldn’t have done it without her! (Also, not sponsored. Seriously just love her!)

Our Price is a sports fanatic through and through – and I guess that should come as no surprise! Price loves all sports, and we wanted to make a birthday party that honored what he loves – instead of making it about what mom thinks looks cool. (Luckily, we were able to do both! 😉 ) The little dude is just that – he’s such a dude. He and his guys (yes, four year olds friend groups run deep) love to play and be competitive and just get wild.

We decided to get some of his crazy out, so we had it at Dojo Boom – it’s a trampoline place here locally (I know there are a million types across the country). It was so fun – for kids and adults, which is hard to do! I honestly don’t know who had more fun… take a look at the pics and you’ll see what I mean!

The People

What is a party without your most important people surrounding you!? Nothing. You can plan the best event, have the dopest food and location – but if your fam and friends aren’t there to celebrate? It just falls flat.

We are so lucky to have such an incredible village of people here in California. I mean, did you see how all of the adults were gettin’ in on the fun as much (ok, sometimes more) than the kids? When you’ve got a crew that’s ready to show up, pretty last minute, to celebrate a four-year-old birthday party on a Tuesday and jump like idiots? That’s when you know you’ve found your tribe.

This was the first year we didn’t have a family-only party for Price. When the kids were little, we kept it intimate and (relatively) chill… just the close inner circle of family. This year, we knew our little bud would want his preschool crew with him, so we opened it up. And lemme tell you, our village showed up big time!

The Saffold family is beyond blessed that we’ve created this little village of amazing people who love us and our kids. We moved across the country three years ago and knew basically no one, and we’ve created the tightest knit group of down-to-earth, fun, loving people that you could ever ask for. It’s made up of school friends, football family, and our Cali family – and we are so grateful for this crew we’ve got here. I could tear up right now thinking of how lucky we ar to have this village come together and love on our special little birthday boy!

The Details

No party post would be complete without a bomb source list of everything we did to make this picture perfect party happen. No, literally. How perfect are these pics? Thanks to Jennifer Johnson Photography for being incredible. Her team caught every candid moment and it is such a sweet way to remember this incredible day. My videographer made this amazing video that perfectly captures how much laughter and smiles there were on our big guy’s big number 4.

We kept the tablescape classic sporty (all from Bonjour Fete – a chic party supply boutique located in Studio City) – inspired by Gatorade and Price’s love for all things sports. And no detail was left undone – from his balloon arch (shout out to The Art Group!) to his that incredible sports-themed cake to the adorable (and delicious) cake pops decorated like sporting balls – both from Bree’s Cakes – it was all perfect. Also, gotta say Bree was a dream to work with – everything was delicious and she was incredible to make it happen all so last minute.  

We decided to take it next level and keep the kids busy both on and off the trampolines. We hired an incredible face painter! I’m so glad we did – he did such an amazing job and the kids all LOVED it. He had a ton of options and was super talented, so it was really fun to see the different kids’ personalities kinda come to life on their faces with paint! And they looked super cute, too. We also let the kids loose on cookie and brownie decorating and they loved it! Always good to let them get their creativity out… and then be so dang proud when they eat their own creation!

Even though their treats were adorable and delicious, that was not the main highlight food wise. Y’all know that no party is legit without some killer food – and this food did not disappoint. Ridiculous catering was by Chef Leah Murphy, founder of Moufwet and as usual, she did not disappoint. And if you don’t believe me, just take a look at Aaliyah’s face. Yeah… you get that chicken wing, girl!


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