5- Minute Makeup Routine for Busy Moms

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You asked, and who am I to disappoint you mamas!? So today I’m going to share my easy, chase kids around and run out the door 5-minute makeup routine!

I hate to admit it, but I rarely ever leave the house with a bare face. Maybe one day. But for now, this tired, busy mama feels her best when she’s got a little makeup on her face. And no shame in that! Since there’s not always time for a full face and preschool drop off isn’t the time for it either, honestly. So here’s my go-to 5-minute makeup routine.


First, I apply Beautycounter’s Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation. I use Golden all over my face and then go back with Chestnut as a contour. Easy and hydrating! After I apply if there are any blemishes or if I’m lookin’ real tired that day, I love to use our Touchup Concealer Pen. I use Medium 1 because it’s just a touch lighter than my skin, so it brightens my dark circles right on up.   


Then, I apply my all-time fave eyeshadow palette: Necessary Neutrals. The beauty of this product is I have basically any shade I’d want to use on my lids anytime. Whether it’s just a quick neutral or a more glammed up nighttime look, this palette has it all. I mean 18 shades!?

Once my lids are all done up, I use the amaaazing Volumizing Mascara. If you were feeling (or looking) tired, apply a coat or two and just like that, your whole face is awake and your eyes will pop!


For a final touch, I’ll either use Lip Conditioner in Peppermint or our Bare Shimmer lip gloss, depending what look I’m going for. Honestly, I often use both—lip conditioner under my lip gloss. It feels like heaven. Oh and bonus!! I use the Lip Conditioner on my kids. So hydrating, safe, and they don’t even complain!

See, so simple! And the finished product is natural Asia… only better!


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