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How is Beautycounter different?

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The short answer is this: our products are safer. The more detailed answer is we’re on a mission to get safer products into everyone’s bathrooms. We select the most quality, cleanest ingredients and our products undergo strict testing. We strive to make our products affordable, and we lobby for stricter regulations for the makeup and skincare industry as a whole.

How do I purchase products?

It’s so easy! Just click here.   

Are the products safe to use during pregnancy & while nursing?

Yes, all of our products are safe to use during pregnancy and while nursing. As a mom, this is so important to me. I remember having to give up some of my favorite products or masks when I was pregnant, and with Beautycounter you don’t have to!  

Is Beautycounter safe to use on kids?

Heck yes! I love to use Beautycounter on my kids! I finally feel good applying products to their skin and knowing they’re safe.  

Is Beautycounter organic?

We always use organic ingredients whenever possible. They’re always marked with an asterisk* on the product ingredient listing so you can be sure what’s what.

Are your products “natural”?

Beautycounter uses many ingredients that are certified organic, naturally, or naturally derived, and we use some safer synthetic ingredients too. What’s important to know is that “organic” and “natural” don’t have legal definitions in the cosmetic industry. There are many companies that say a product is organic when they don’t have all organic ingredients. Yikes!

Are products tested on animals?

No, never. Beautycounter takes the safety of the environment and animals very seriously and ensures that no ingredient or product we use is ever tested on animals.  

Personal FAQs :

Why did I become a Beautycounter consultant?

My skin was a mess, and I didn’t feel comfortable leaving the house without a full face of makeup. Then I found out how toxic the products I was using were, how little regulation there is in the beauty and skincare industry, and how that especially impacts women of color. I knew I had to change my beauty and skin routine and do something with my voice: help others find these incredible products and company and advocate for change in the industry.

The whole story about my why is here – I’d love for you to read it!  

What are your favorite products?

I’m so happy you asked! Basically, I love every product I’ve tried so far and keep adding to my makeup bag. I shared my must have 5-minute makeup routine here.

What products do you use on your kids?

The fact that I can use Beautycounter on my kids is one of the very best parts of all of this. Everything is safe to use on kiddos, but I shared my five family favorites here. Check them out!


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