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This is a guest blog written by Neferteri Plessy, founder of Single Mom’s Planet, a non- profit organization dedicated to uplifting under-resourced children, by educating their mothers. Building one strong family at a time. The images were captured by Jennifer Johnson (@jenjphoto). and the video was shot and produced by Condido Verona. Thank each of you for being apart of my birthday beauty brunch!

“We are all queens lets shine and stand proud every day” -Neferteri Plessy


The sun was shining brightly after a long night of refreshing rain, the air was crisp as I entered the beautiful Hollywood Hills home that was going to host such an amazing woman on her beautiful day. Asia Saffold, woman, wife, mother and friend. Asia, has helped our non profit for single moms for over three years, and we were excited to celebrate her.



Asia Saffold’s purpose in the lives of woman, stand on the foundation of what our vision at Single Moms Planet is all about. To create a platform that uplifts, empowers and educates women and their children. Asia has paved the way to support families year after year and for that we are grateful.



Breaking Bread With Queens!


Discovering Beautycounter

Ok… now for the juicy party, OMG I’m in love with Beauty Counter. It was a true delight to celebrate Asia’s big day and to be introduced to her line of amazing skincare products from Beautycounter Beautycounter has been a great source of help and hope in Asia’s purpose. 1. Walking in alignment and purpose. 2. Having a thriving family life. 3. Creating and maintaining optimal health and wellness. 4. Valuing freedom-financial, creativity, the ability to be your OWN BOSS. 5. Serving her community while being able to give back and make a difference in someone’s life.



Beauty Counter has a “never list” of approximately 1,500 harmful ingredients they are prohibited from using. They screen vigorously for ingredients that may have specific hazards like cancer and infertility, all while never compromising performance!



“Having safer and high performing daily skincare products for various types of skin types, safe products for kids, sun products and makeup is why I love Beauty Counter!”  -Asia Saffold



Royal Treatment Wellness Treats The Queens For The Day

Another amazing supporter of Single Moms Planet , Royal Treatment Wellness, which is a mobile spa company that offers a multitude of services from massages, to hair and makeup, was present during this wonderful day of celebration. Their philosophy is focusing on treating clients in a way that will bring them back to an optimal health level.



Whether it’s making you feel beautiful from the inside out or helping you heal physical ailments, everyone who receives their services will end up feeling like royalty.



Royal Treatments is a mobile spa and wellness concierge provider that offers a wide variety of customized massages and treatments to fit any lifestyle. Their certified massage therapists will bring a spa and wellness environment right to your doorstep.



The Saffold’s Supporting Single Moms & Their Kids

Asia Saffold and her husband Rodger Saffold have been supporters of Single Moms Planet for over three years now. The Saffolds were honored as our 2018 Family of the Year at the 5th Annual Single Mom’s Awards benefiting Single Moms Planet.



“With open arms, Rodger and Asia Saffold bring their sweet energy, family spirit and loving touch to all those around them” – Neferteri Plessy


The best part! Yesss… we loved that Asia had her beautiful children attend her birthday bash. Splish Splash.


Real Queens Build  Other Queens

Over the years I have learned many things. Being a generator of greatness is based on being a leader and Asia Saffold is all of that.


Photo credits: Photographer Jen (@jenjphoto) #asiasqueensgathering

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