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I love movies and going to theaters, but there’s nothing like being cozy on the couch watching your all-time favorite movies with your family and friends.

Every week Rodger and I try to find an activity that we can partake in as a family and last week, in anticipation of ‘Black Panther’ we decided to turn our backyard into our very own outdoor movie theater. The kids were excited but little did they know we were too.

It’s been a little chilly here in LA, but the idea of an outdoor theater is perfect for any time of year. We wanted to find a fun activity that everyone would enjoy. And wanted to make the most of our time at home bonding with one another. It really felt like we took a trip to a drive-in theater minus the car.

Photos by Katee- Grace Photography

We really didn’t need much to make everything happen, which is why I wanted to share it with all of you. To make sure everyone enjoys themselves and the night goes as planned I gathered the seven things needed to execute the perfect outdoor family movie night.

1. Location, location, location –

Picking the right spot is essential when mapping out the perfect outdoor movie night. Utilizing the spaces around your home is always recommended. Whether it be your backyard, porch, or garage any open space will do. We opted to make use of our backyard. For those of you without, get creative. The space will be filled with love no matter what.

2. Make a scene –

To set the tone for the evening we decided to use a projector and sound system to watch the movie. We had a screen set up, but if you don’t have time to install anything new feel free to us a blank wall or the side of your home. I found our projector on Amazon for a great price.

3. The spotlight is on you –

The lighting is very important since it can be hard to see outside once it gets dark. Rodger and I decided to get some string lights hung for some overhead lighting, but it was our at-home campfire that took it over the edge. I was super excited when I found the mini campfire on Amazon and had to thank God for Amazon Prime. I couldn’t wait to get a closer look at this little baby. We also lit some candles for some additional lighting and to set the mood!

4. Get comfy –

We used outdoor furniture to cozy up on. Feel free to use whatever you have handy. I loved sitting on bean bag chairs or large pillows while watching movies. And the kids loved bringing down their tee-pee from their playroom to really camp out under the stars! If you have either of those definitely put them to use.

5. Eat up –

We wanted it to feel like we were at a legit movie theater so we wanted to incorporate much-needed movie watching elements: popcorn and candy. This is most definitely a cheat day type situation! We used this really fun retro popcorn maker that I got from, you guessed it, AMAZON! This small investment brings timeless fun. We put it to good use often! We also made smores using graham crackers, marshmallows, and Hershey kisses….classic. I snagged us a few metal roasting sticks from…you already know.  

6. Drink up –

What’s winter without hot chocolate? I and the kids love hot chocolate so I jumped at the chance to make it for us. It’s the right amount of warmth and sweetness we needed. And don’t worry, I did also have a bottle of water with me. Between the smores and hot chocolate, we were in heaven!

7. Warm & Cozy

It’s usually cold inside theaters and being outside feels even colder. Be sure to grab your warmest blankets to cozy up in. We decided to use our favorite fur and fleece throws from Pottery Barn. They’re soft and had the right amount of warmth we needed that night.

This idea is perfect for parents looking to spend additional time with their children and share warms moments. We were able to introduce our minis to a few of our childhood favorites and they loved it. What were some of your favorite movies to watch growing up? Have you shared them with your children?

Be sure to share your outdoor movie experiences with me! I’d love to see what you were able to come up with.

In the mean time, be blessed. Be balanced, because you deserve it!



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