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I never imagined that I would be cast in a reality TV show. How did I, of all people, end up with a reality show? The answer is actually pretty simple: it happened by chance! My husband plays football for the Rams, and when the team uprooted from St. Louis to Los Angeles, some producer — a diehard Rams fan — pitched an idea for a new show. When E! bought the rights to the show, I was offered the opportunity to get involved in the project.

Let’s just say that the expression “God moves in a mysterious way” has never felt more relevant to my life. He never lays things on my heart when I think He will, but somehow His timing is always right. And when this producer came to me, I felt like participating in this historic project would open the door to so many great opportunities! I mean, how often is someone handed a voice and a platform that can reach so many people? I felt a calling to share my story, and become a vehicle for others to share their stories too! The thought of being in front of the camera and putting my life on display was pretty scary, but I knew that going outside of my comfort zone would only make me grow. I know that this season of my life will bring about some exciting changes — not to mention a number of tough challenges — but the experiences and wisdom I know I’ll gain will be priceless.

I hope you guys enjoy the show! Although filming Hollywood and Football has been an adjustment, I had fun creating the show, and I think — at least from what I’ve seen so far — that the project really came together nicely! Watching the show, you’ll get a small glimpse of what the “Ramily” experienced as we made the huge transition from St. Louis, Missouri to Los Angeles, California. You’ll learn about life in the NFL, and a few of the challenges and triumphs players and their families face together. You’ll also see how much fun we have and how we’ve stuck together as a Ramily no matter what!

Although I don’t think I’ll dive too deep into what the critics think of the show, I’d love to hear from my readers! Leave me a comment if you like it. And if you don’t, please save your negativity (lol). Good vibes only on this blog, okay?

Also, to stay up-to-date on everything related to Hollywood & Football, make sure to visit the official site.

Happy viewing!



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