Meet Asia

Hello Mommies and Mommies-to-be!


My name is Asia Saffold and this here is my sacred space where I open up and share the journeys of motherhood, marriage, self-love, health, and faith. All of those things mean so much to me and on a daily basis I’m being asked by many of you, about how I maintain a healthy balance in my life. Hence, The Balanced Mom title.

Having to find a balance between all of these things is very important to me. At the heart of this balance is sustaining and loving myself. Without that, I wouldn’t be the mom, wife, and friend I am today. Now don’t get me wrong, things aren’t always perfect. There are times I fall short, but relying on my faith, practicing healthy living, and the love from my family turns those shortcomings into minuscule things.

While you’re here, you’ll see how much I love fashion and dressing up the members of my family. I live for holidays! You’ll see me talking about that a lot too!

Aside from fashion, I’m passionate about healthy living. After a visit to my esthetician, I learned how much I was neglecting my body by not consuming enough water. The elasticity of my skin was almost nonexistent. I was shaken and wanted to find a fun and challenging way to increase my water intake. I challenged myself and a number of you to the #DrankMoWater challenge.

The challenge has helped so many of us take our lives back and I want to instill so much more into each and every one of you.

Come on this journey with me to living a blessed and balanced life! I have so much more in-store – this is just the beginning.


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