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I know the quest to clean up your makeup and skincare routine can be overwhelming – I’ve been there! When I found out how toxic the products I was slathering on my skin – and on my kids’ skin! – were, I was mad, inspired for changed, but honestly, I was pretty overwhelmed, too. Like, where do I start?

I’ve navigated this confusing road and I’m here to give you my TOP FIVE Beautycounter products that I seriously cannot live without. Trust me, buy now, and thank me later.

1. No. 3 Balancing Collection

This is the money set. Like, it’s pure magic. When I started my Beautycounter journey, my skin was in rough shape, as much as I hate to admit it. This was a huge part of getting my skin back on track and getting me literally more comfortable and confident in my skin!

Each of these items is a best seller on its own. So when you bundle them together, it’s a winning combo for sure to help you clean up your skincare! Thank God there’s an option to purchase in a bundle, because I honestly couldn’t pick which of these three I like better! There’s a Facial Oil, Facial Mask, and a Facial Mist. This combo works to calm and repair your stressed out skin. Plus, it’s gentle enough for daily use.

This was one of the first products I purchased, and it got me hooked! The mask is detoxifying – it’ll rid your skin of impurities and it’s best used after a long day or night out. The mist is great for on-the-go use, too. I keep it in my purse and it gives me a little pick-me-up during the day. And the oil is perfect if you’re pimple prone – I know it sounds scary to add oil when your skin is oily, but it seriously works.

2. Hydrating Body Lotion in Citrus Mimosa

This stuff smells like heaven and makes your body feel heavenly! The citrus scent makes you want to lather it all over yourself, and it’s lightweight but still luscious and creamy. Plus, it absorbs so fast that you’re not left with some greasy goop on your skin. Nope, just leaves it silky smooth!

Also, did I mention I’m obsessed with this scent?! I swear it smells so good that you’ll kinda wanna eat it. I get compliments about the scent all day long! This will tell you how legit it is – I carry it with me at all times because I can’t be without it! Yeah, it’s that good.

3. Body Wash in Citrus Mimosa

Okay, you already know that I’m obsessed with this scent. Like obsessed. I could find any excuse to shower, even multiple times per day, so I could lather up with this goodness. And as good as it smells – I know that’s how good it is for my body, too. Since I use this daily, I’d say this is a BIG win in the mission to clean up my body and skincare!

4. Cleansing Balm

This balm is unreal. There’s a reason that it’s Beautycounter’s #1 selling product – it has over 1200 5-star reviews! Told you it was good! Why? It’s a cleanser, makeup remover, moisturizer, and even an overnight mask. It is exactly what your dry, winter skin needs. It’s also an ideal product if your goal is to clean up your skincare and invest in products that are safer for you.

I know I dreaded taking my makeup off at night for years. Like I’m tired by the time I get in bed, and sometimes I just didn’t feel like it. I knew I had to, but it just felt like one more thing this busy mama had to do. Well now I am actually excited about washing my face at night. It removes my makeup and hydrates my skin at the same time – that’s life changing!

The skin on my face is so smooth and feels exactly how I’d want it to feel – clean, refreshed, and hydrated. Not tight or dry or greasy. And it gives me this really natural glow. It seriously is what dreams are made of. Plus, since a little goes a long way, the balm really lasts, which is always a bonus!

5. Kids Bath Collection

This trio is bomb. It’s our job as parents, especially mamas, to do the very best by our kids. Before Beautycounter, I didn’t know that I was lathering them up with chemicals whenever I’d bathe them, or put sunscreen on them, or a million other things. Honestly, it really took a toll on me when I found out how bad some of the products I thought were clean.

I am so happy to give my kids a bath knowing they’re having fun splashing in the bubbles that are actually cleaning them with safe ingredients. This combo pack of Kids Body Wash, Nice Do Shampoo, and Not a Knot Conditioner is a winning combo for sure. My kids smell so good and the products are gentle on their skin and hair. Baths are much more fun and and relaxing thanks to adding these guilt-free skincare and haircare products to our routine!

My son has very sensitive skin – we struggled to combat his eczema for so long and nothing except steroid creams would do the trick… and I just didn’t feel good about putting a steroid on his little baby skin. But I also didn’t want him to suffer! What’s a mama to do? Now I know the answer is get some Beautycounter baby products in your life! These products not only don’t irritate his sensitive skin, but they also help soothe it when we’re having a breakout. They’re safe if they splash it in their eyes or even for those times they “accidentally” drink the tub water… I feel good about this decision!

Honestly, this was such a hard list to curate. I have purchased – no joke – pretty close to every product made by Beautycounter. That’s how obsessed I am. And how good they are. So to come up with just 5 skincare and family products that standout from the rest was tough! But these are my can’t-live-without products. And if you try them, I think you’ll say the same!

Pro Tip to clean up your skincare/ body products :

Here’s another tip: if you’re feeling overwhelmed, broke, or even just scared about giving up your beauty and skincare go-tos, don’t sweat it, girl. One of my best tips is to just replace items as you run out! You were going to buy new lotion (mascara, body wash, fill in the blank…) anyway, so might as well clean up your products, right!?

One exception to this rule was when it came to my kids. Like I mentioned, my son’s skin was bad and I couldn’t keep seeing him itchy or lathering him up with steroids. When I changed the kids’ products to Beautycounter his skin finally cleared up! Goodbye dry, itchy patches! And I knew the quality was top notch. I will never go back!  

This is just a sample of some of the many, many incredible products that Beautycounter has. Everyone’s life is a little different, so your product needs or priorities might be different than mine. I’m happy to help you figure out what products would work best in your life and for your family. Don’t be shy, mama! Let’s talk!

If you’re ready to take the first step to clean up your skincare and body care, shop these amazing products (and more!) here!

Oh and if you’re wondering what my fave beauty and makeup products are, be sure to check out my easy, 5-minute-or-less, go-to makeup routine, here!


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