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Meal planning can be such a time-consuming and difficult part of the day, especially when you are cooking for a family with kids. Planning, shopping, prepping, and cooking is hard enough, but then you also have to build in your health and nutrition goals. At the same time, the way that your kids see you approach meal prep is influencing the way that they’ll think about food and their own cooking skills for the rest of their lives. It’s a lot of pressure!

My good friend Ayesha Curry is helping to relieve that pressure. She founded Homemade, a meal delivery service kit that meets the needs of busy families by providing healthy meals that will help get the kids involved. Watch the Homemade youtube trailor, here! Here are five reasons my family loves Homemade meals!

1. It’s easy!   

Grocery shopping is exhausting, especially if your kids are along for the ride. Remembering all of the ingredients, substituting on the fly when they’re out of the thing you need most, and trying to keep the kids from grabbing all of the junk food from the shelves is a job all on its own . . . and you haven’t even started cooking yet! Homemade lets us skip the grocery store and save time. It’s perfect for a busy family that’s always on the go.

Then when your package arrives, the convenience continues. Everything is pre-measured and clearly labeled. All you have to do is follow the beautifully-designed instructions to get a meal going in minutes. It gets you in and out of the kitchen quickly so you can have more of your precious free time to spend together.

2. It’s flexible!

Homemade has lots of different options including a traditional plan, one that omits red meat, and one that’s vegetarian. Our favorite option is the one that’s specially made for kids! These packages come with meals designed for kids not only to eat, but to make. It gets kids involved in the cooking, making it much more likely that they’ll actually eat their meals and also building healthy habits about food and cooking to last a lifetime.

3. It’s healthy!

Homemade packs its boxes with fresh, high-quality ingredients to ensure that their meals are both delicious and good for you. There is a wide variety of flavors and cuisines to keep things interesting, and knowing that you have a homemade meal just minutes away is enough to stop those takeout cravings in their tracks.

4. It’s fun!

My kids love getting their Homemade box, and the kit is designed with fun in mind. Not only are the instructions easy to follow to keep the kids involved, but they even come with coloring books to keep the kids busy while the food cooks. The books are filled with healthy tips on food and nutrition, so they’re learning while they play, but shh. Don’t tell them!

5. I get to support Ayesha!

I take any chance I can to support a mom who’s killing it and providing products to make our lives easier. Ayesha is a mom who gets it, and you can tell just how well she understands the needs of a busy family when you look at the thoughtfulness that’s put into her kits. Plus, she’s my real-life friend! I am so excited to see her manifest and walk in her purpose and serve so greatly.

If you’re ready to get out of a meal-planning rut, head over to Homemade and give this awesome product a try! I know you’ll love it! If you have any easy homemade meals you want to share, comment below! 

In the meantime, be blessed, be balanced…you deserve it!



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