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What are the Single Mom Awards?

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of being involved in the 5th Annual Single Moms Awards. This is the 3rd consecutive year my husband Rodger and I have supported this wonderful event. This award show, celebration, and fundraising event is presented by Single Moms Planet, a Los Angeles-based non-profit founded by mom, model, TV host, and mompreneur, Neferteri Plessy. She assists struggling single moms and their children through a variety of programs and activities that aim to uplift, empower, and educate. The goal of the SMAs is to honor phenomenal women across a wide array of professions. These ladies hail from and excel in everything from film & television, fashion, entrepreneurial work, philanthropy . . . The list goes on.

The Honorees + Neferteri Plessy at the 5th Annual Single Mom’s Awards

The Annual Single Mom Awards takes place every year around Mother’s Day at the ever-so-beautiful Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. The atmosphere is just stunning, from the cocktail hour and red carpet to the sit-down luncheon and presentation of the awards. This year, a few new unique elements were added to the agenda: a fashion show hosted by honoree and fashion icon, Pia Gladys Perey, and an after festival featuring live music, vendors, and a powerful panel discussion about financial empowerment. The event is filled with such positive energy and inspiring stories that leave a lasting impression and encourage everyone to flourish and achieve!

Models + Pia on stage after the fashion show. Click the photo to shop!

Interviewing the Honorees

My favorite part of the awards each year is getting to talk with several of the honorees and attendees. I love being able to have conversations with such successful men and women who not only inspire me but inspire others to achieve and believe in themselves and their ability to make an impact. I love to dive deep into people and learn more about their journey in motherhood, their career, and how they create a sense of balance in their lives. I also inquire about what people (we know it takes a village), tools, and resources they rely on to get the job done! And, ever so important, I want to know what types of self-care routines do they implement to keep themselves afloat and in good condition to thrive and maintain flow.

With the founder of Sash Bag, Nichole Macdonald.

Interviewing Man of the Year, Lee Harrison, of The Boy Scouts of America.

With Affluent Women of the Year, Alicia Dunams. Click photo to learn more about Alicia!

I love hearing their raw, honest opinions of the struggles an hardships they face daily, and despite it all, they still manage to produce and take care of their families. I particularly admire the tenacity and hustle single moms put in to make systems go at full speed in their lives. There’s so much from their stories that we can all learn from for ourselves to make us more well-rounded, balanced individuals.

I will be sharing each of those interviews in the coming weeks, so be on the lookout for those videos and accompanying blogs (there may even be special giveaways and opportunities to connect with these rock stars).

What I Learned From Serving on the Committee

It takes a village to run an event, too!

Planning and executing an event requires the skills, perspectives, and voices of so many different people to make it successful. We had to create subcommittees and then bring everything back together at the end, which showed me the importance of being able to trust other people to do their work well and being able to communicate with each other to bring a shared vision to life. You have to ask yourself what kind of people you have or need on your team to help bring your vision to life.

Getting it done is in the details

The beginning stages of a big project can be a lot of fun. Everyone is throwing around big ideas. The group is bustling with excitement. But that’s not where it all comes together. A successful event requires consistent work, regular follow-up throughout the team, systemized thinking, organized delegation, and a lot of planning ahead. The burst of energy at the beginning has to be maintained for the months ahead.


Remain positive

Something will go wrong. It’s a guarantee. Even when things are going right, you may start to doubt yourself and your abilities. You have to stay positive and optimistic. God will work it out!  

Go with the flow

Even with all that consistent planning, a large event has so many places for mix-ups and last-minute changes. It’s important to make a plan, but it’s also important to see when you have to veer off the path for a moment to keep things moving.


Being Honored as Philanthropist Family of The Year

When Neferteri surprised me with a phone call saying that Rodger and I had been nominated as the organization’s Philanthropist Family of the Year, I was speechless.

Honestly, I was shocked and beyond grateful. At the same time, I felt undeserving of the award. I was surrounded by so many amazing single moms making their way through motherhood and career.

Looking back, I recognize that Rodger and I have shown a great deal of support to SMP over the years. I didn’t always realize it because being involved with and giving to this organization is so effortless for me because I truly believe in their mission. Also, I enjoy being in the presence of the other moms. We have a great time at the events, and they inspire me just as much as I inspire them.

One of the reasons I felt called to get so involved with SMP is because Neferteri is a great role model. She truly is a mom boss who has built a non-profit business from the ground up. She’s been willing to share her processes, tips, and advice she has learned throughout her many careers to become successful and strive to be the best version of herself. You need people like her in your life. Plus she’s so selfless, and it’s admirable how much time and effort she puts towards serving others. She truly embodies the idea of reaching back to pull people up behind you on your climb to success.

I took the stage to accept the award with my husband, who has the heart to serve and has inspired me to become more involved in the community and to use our platform for good. I see how, despite how full his plate is and how tired he is, he still makes time to commit to things and people in need. I was very proud to be by his side at that moment!

Receiving this honor motivates me to do even more and live up to the title. Here’s some advice for those who want to get out and do more in the community: Just do it! There are opportunities there, or you can create your own, big or small. The impact goes a long way and will bring joy and fulfillment to you and others.

How Can You Get Involved?

I would love for everyone to join me in supporting the efforts and programs of Single Moms Planet. They are making a difference in so many ways through their impactful programs that help women and children get back on solid ground financially and emotionally. You can find out everything you want to know about this non-profit by visiting their website. If you know a single mom, PLEASE recommend that she takes a look at their helpful resources and becomes a member.

Even if you’re not a single mom, you too can become a member! You could become a mentor or get involved in their monthly events! Either way, it’s always a good time. Better still, it’s a great environment for women to get inspired and support each other.


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