#DrankMoWater Challenge Is Back and Better Than Ever!


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Thirsty? Baby bring it over here!

I’m so excited to announce that the #DrankMoWater challenge is back!

With last year’s challenge being so widely accepted, I thought what better way for us to enter into a new year than to bring back the challenge that changed so many of our lives. Water has never been my favorite drink of choice, but after my first pregnancy, my body craved it, and I had to give it what it wanted (and needed).

After having my daughter, I fell back into the habit of consuming soda, juice or milk but those things weren’t enough to quench my thirst. It wasn’t until my visit to Glam Boutique Spa that my motivation to #DrankMoWater heightened. My esthetician could tell that my water consumption was at an all-time low due to the tightness of my skin. She said my pores were susceptible to hold onto oil, dirt, and other bacteria which made it hard for it to breath and receive the right about of hydration. Knowing that my skin lacked elasticity and hydration prompted me to up my water intake.

I was tired of the annoying breakouts and fatigue from the countless amounts of sugar that make up the soft drinks that I loved – and still do! But I had to make a few healthy changes, and this was just step one.

Last year, we embarked on this journey to live healthier, hydrated lives together and I think it’s time we do it again!

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As a source of motivation, I decided to bring back the #DrankMoWater challenge. It held me accountable, and from the looks of it, it did the same for a number of you too. I love it! This simple change will help increase significant benefits in your life, so if you’re up for a challenge let’s go!

The human body is made of nearly 60% water, and water flows through our bodies to deliver essential vitamins and nutrients to our cells. In a recent article, Healthline health seeker, Joe Leech acknowledged waters major benefits: Water helps maximize our physical performance, ignite our energy levels and brain functions, and can prevent health issues like fatigue, kidney stones and constipation.

Just like before, the challenge rules are relatively simple: You must consume eight glasses (64 oz.) of water a day for 30 days.

Remember this challenge is supposed to be easy and uplifting so don’t be too hard on yourselves.

I’ve listed the challenge rules below.


By the challenge’s end, you should see a significant shift in your energy, appetite, appearance, and physical strength. Here are a few steps that should help you along the way.

Enter the challenge by leaving a comment on this post or my recent Instagram post, and be sure to upload a photo – before and after pictures included – so that The Balanced Mom community can see your progress. We are here to hold each other accountable and be encouraging. Use the designated hashtags #thebalanacedmomchallenge and #drankmowater when posting to keep everyone in the loop.

You all are my accountability partners! I will be sharing my progress as well as quick and easy infused water recipes via my Instagram page. With Instagram’s new algorithm throwing everyone for a loop, I’d hate for anyone to miss out, so be sure to turn on post notifications for updates on my page and follow the #thebalanacedmomchallenge and #drankmowater hashtags for updates from The Balanced Mom community.


The #DrankMoWater challenge begins today,  February 1st. So let’s get those water bottles ready! And don’t forget to be blessed, be balanced…you deserve it! 

Let’s #DrankMoWater!



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