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Another year, another epic family portrait session for the books! It’s a bit of a struggle getting a family of four to take decent photos, but we always seem to pull through. We are definitely the untraditional holiday portrait bunch. Dealing with various personalities and the kids’ lack of interest makes taking family photos an adventure.

It’s always been very important to me that we document our milestones in order to look back at the memories we’ve created together. I’m also a sucker for Christmas cards; this was the perfect excuse to prep for ours. I love sending and receiving Christmas cards. It’s a way to stay connected to our loved ones. I’m a cardhoarder and I’m not ashamed to say it either. I save just about every card I receive. Looking through them and reading the messages written inside warms my heart.

Sharing this moment with our loved ones was a breeze. I chose to use Tiny Prints to have our photos turned into the ultimate Christmas Card. They have great gifts and provide you with a host of things you can create using your photos.

Here are a few tips that helped to make this family photo shoot memorable and successful, without the stress or a headache.

Choose the right family photographer.

There are a lot of photographers out there. Some have the ability to take amazing photos, but it’s always important to find a photographer who specializes in what you are looking to accomplish. With our family portraits being the goal, I wanted to make sure the photographer we chose would be able to capture all of our personalities and provide the guidance we’d need in order to do so.

When searching for a photographer I’d recommend that you review their portfolio. Photography is subjective, so it’s important that you find a photographer who can capture what it is you want to portray. I like to meet before our session just to vibe out and go over the days shoot. We go over the location, timing, shot ideas and attempt to put together a shot list. The attempt is us keeping in mind the kids’ willingness to participate after the first 10 minutes.

Location is a major key.   

This is something I sometimes depend on my photographer to do. Sourcing the location and making sure the backdrop resembles the theme of the shoot is very important. This time around I didn’t need help finding a location. I opted to have our family portraits taken right in the comfort of our home in front of our Christmas tree!

The location so was convenient. And showing off our first real tree was something I wanted us to boast about. It has a lot of meaning since we actually went to a tree farm to pick it out. And let me tell you it was so much fun! This could possibly be a new Saffold tradition.

Let your wardrobe do the talking.

For our family photos last year I wanted to showcase our individual styles. This year, I wanted to show a bit of our loving cohesiveness. Picking out outfits for the minis from Little Bash Kids lifted a big weight from my shoulders. It’s an amazing modern shop for kids and all occasions!

I wore a few pieces from my favorite retailers including my shirt I picked up for Kloset Envy.   

Theme music is just as important.

We are big fans of theme music and because it’s the holiday season putting on a Christmas playlist was the best decision to make. We were definitely in the holiday spirit while listening to classic songs by Nat King Cole, The Temptations, and Mariah Carey.

What are some of your favorite holiday songs?

Remember to take a break.

Sometimes these shoots can run a little longer than expected and with little ones, it’s necessary that everyone gets at least one break. These breaks allowed for each of us to take individual photos. Then we switched it up! We were able to get a variety of shots with Aaliyah and Prince, each of us with our minis, and mommy and daddy were able to get our close-ups too!

Adding in snack breaks were essential. Making sure no one made a mess was another story.

With a positive attitude, a little bit of patience and teamwork, you’re sure to have a successful family photo shoot. No matter the occasion, rather its a holiday, birthday, or just because, having photos of your family is truly a gift that can bring joy and smiles for many years to come. Good luck, and happy shooting!



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