Birthday Vibes: Asia turns 28!


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Woohoo! It’s my birthday!

The BIG 2-8! I know it seems like a super random age to be excited about, but if we live in the same universe, and you observe all of the crazy things that go on in this world, you would probably agree that each and every day that we’re blessed to wake up and live through is truly a blessing, and something to be celebrated!

Shot by Von “VLEX” Jackson.

In my humble opinion, birthday extra-ness is perfectly acceptable. So for my birthday, I like to basically celebrate it little by little for the entire week! This year, I tried to fill my birthday week with a few of my favorite things, so that explains why the “just because” photoshoot, impromptu “staycation”, eating at all my favorite restaurants in the city, shopping, birthday dinner party, karaoke, and a night out on the town all happen within the same week.

Shot by Von “VLEX” Jackson.

27 was a good year for me. In my 27th year I did a lot of things for the first time, and made some pretty major moves! The highlights of this past year were:

  • Moving to my dream city, LA
  • Became a reality television personality? I know, it’s still pretty weird and surreal to me, too
  • Starting my own business/ brand, and officially start identifying as an entrepreneur
  • Having one of my kiddos graduate from Pre-K while the other started
  • Getting invited to serve on the committee of one of my favorite causes to support, The Alzheimer’s Association
  • Dedicating more time and efforts to reach my health and fitness goals, and finally seeing results

I’d say altogether, it was pretty productive year. I definitely can’t say it was easy, but the struggles and the grind I had to put forth, are preparing me to set and reach even higher goals for years to come!

Shot by Von “VLEX” Jackson.

I’m looking forward to even more reasons to celebrate during my 28th year. I have so many new goals and big dreams…I just can’t wait to live them out. I read, well actually listened to (shout out to Audible) this book this year called “Mindset, The New Psychology of Success”, by Carol Dweck. I definitely encourage everyone who’s looking to just elevate across all spheres of life to read this book. I learned so much about myself, and about those around me from that book, and most importantly I learned just how important it is to maintain a growth mindset. Every experience, challenge, situation we face, we should see as a learning experience, and never lose our ability to be a student. As a student of this thing called life, I’d like to concentrate a little deeper on a few broad concepts:

  • Be Bolder. Speak up!

  • Shine Brighter. Don’t dull your light for anyone!

  • Work Smarter. Define your structure!

I think if I can keep those things top of mind, and continue to let the Lord order my steps, I will be on track to having yet another successful year to celebrate! I hope this little message inspires someone else to not be afraid to celebrate themselves on their birthday, unashamedly, just to honor themselves for all of the hard work they put in throughout the year. if nobody else feels you boo, I feels you! And I see you, keep surprising yourself every day. 

Thank you to all my family, friends, and supporters from near and afar that have helped me to have an awesome year. I see you. I appreciate you. And your efforts don’t go unnoticed. Stay tuned for the #glowup that’s about to take place over the next 365 days. Let’s flourish together. In the meantime, leave me some birthday love, and let me know what you think of the photos from this shoot with the ever so talented Von “VLEX” Jackson . I went totally out of me element for this one….just to do something different. Birthday behavior, I guess.



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