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I know you’ve all seen those ads on instagram or facebook for a product that promises to help you lose weight, or clear your skin, or solve your life problems. The way that they present it always makes the product look so good, but the question that we all want to know is – does it really work?

Well, I can’t speak for everything out there, just for things that I’ve actually tried and the results that I have actually personally experienced. I can say with full confidence, that incorporating Teami Blends into my life has been one of the best decisions I’ve made !

First Teami Experience in 2015: skinny & colon blends

I first tried Teami for the first time in the Winter of 2015, soon after I had my second child. It was really easy for me to snap back from my first pregnancy, but for some reason, I had more stubborn belly fat during my second pregnancy. I was looking for a natural solution to help me shed the last of my baby weight, so like I always do, I turned to the internet to get ideas of what I should do. 

That’s when I discovered Teami! Like most people, I was skeptical on buying an Instagram tea because I wasn’t sure if it would actually perform as promised, but I was kind of desperate, so I gave it a try!

I am so glad I did! My first blends were the “skinny” and “colon” blends, which, when used together, work as an amazing detox for your body! Immediately, after using it for just two weeks (along with being conscious about my diet – no bread, no white sugar), I lost 7 lbs! I was so motivated that I continued my regime through an entire month and by the end of it, I had lost 12 lbs! My tummy was flatter, and I just felt great- less weighed down and not bloated! I was a believer!

Current Teami Experience 2017: energy & focus blends

Time went on, and I was eventually satisfied with getting down to a few pounds lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight. I now have 2 kiddos that keep me busy, along with my newest baby, my business that I am working hard to grow! Keeping up with all of the tasks I needed to handle throughout the day was a lot tougher than previously, and being recently diagnosed with adult ADD has just compounded those difficulties! I’m the type of person that is very goal-oriented and will search for solutions to all of my problems. When I was thinking of what I can add to my routine to help me become more productive and less scatter-brained, Teami re-entered my life! I was perusing my Instagram timeline and came across Teami’s post, which reminded that they have 7 unique blends to choose from! So I went over to the site and saw that they offer both a “focus” blend and also an “energy” blend – the things I need most as a busy mom to help me keep balanced! 

Right away I purchased both blends, and not to my surprise, they both have added extreme value to my daily routine, especially on days jam-packed with activities and days that are mentally strenuous! 

How to use Teami :

It’s so easy to prepare these teas! Some come in tea packets and others come in loose-leaf form. All you do is add hot water to their super cool tumblers, drop in the tea bag or a spoonful of the loose tea, and steep for 5 minutes! It taste great just like this, but sometimes I add a little bit of fresh lemon and natural sweetener like honey or agave! It even taste great over ice and is a great poolside drink on warm days! 

How to get your Teami : 

I just had to share this tea company with you guys – it was too good to just keep to myself! People ask me all the time how I snap back after my pregnancies, or how I’m able to do so much in a day. I always tell them Teami has been a major part for accomplishing both of those! 

I definitely wouldn’t speak on any product that I didn’t really use for myself or see great results from. I encourage you guys to all try it for yourselves. Head over to their website: to get all of the additional information you need regarding the company. If you decide to get your own, use my discount code :Balance10 at checkout to get 10% off! 

I’d love to hear from you guys if you’ve tried it yourself, or if you have any more questions for me! Leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you!

Also check out my Teami vlog I posted on my new YouTube channel- The Balanced Mom TV! And don’t forget to thumbs up and subscribe!

Hope this helps!

Be blessed, be balanced, you deserve it !


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