6 Tips for Surviving Your Toddler’s First Haircut


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I can’t believe my baby boy is two years old! Seriously, time really flies. One of my biggest joys in life is raising my children and watching them grow. It’s such a blessing to have an amazing daughter, and now an amazing son as well! I like observing their similarities and differences. There’s no doubt about it — my children make me so proud to be their mom. 

From crawling to walking, and learning to talk, and growing into their own, it’s been a wonderful journey for all of us. 

Like I said, Price is two years old. And not only have we witnessed substantial developmental growth in recent months, but also the growth of his hair. My son’s hair growth has been a slow process, complete with cradle cap, uneven growth, and changing textures — we’ve been through it all! Until now, I didn’t really know what to do with his hair, so I didn’t do much at all. We washed it regularly, applied some curl creams, and let him rock his natural style! 

But the day finally came when we decided that Price needed a change! Like many other parents, the first haircut triggered feelings of anxiety and guilt. I wasn’t sure how my little one would take the process, and I kind of felt bad for wanting to cut his hair after growing it out for so long. What we parents have to remind ourselves is that our babies’ hair will grow back! And once I convinced myself how fun it would be to see my son in a new style, I went straight into planning mode for Price’s haircut.

I was a little nervous about the process, especially after hearing how firsts haircuts usually go — you know, a bunch of screaming, fidgeting and prolonging the process. But I’m telling you, proper planning prevents poor performance! I carefully envisioned my son’s haircut, and strategized the best way to make the experience fun and comfortable for everyone involved. I’m proud to say that Price’s first haircut was completely, 100% fuss-free! He sat through it like a champ, snacks and iPad in hand and just enjoyed the process. Daddy was super surprise because he remembers crying throughout his entire first haircut. He was sure Price would do the same, but then I reminded him that Price also has 50% of my genes, the brave genes. Big sister was amazed at how different her little brother was looking as he got his new cut. And she was concerned about his safety with the clippers so close to his head. Price didn’t seem to have a worry in the world. In fact, Price was all smiles when he saw his new ‘do in the mirror afterward. So without further ado (no pun intended), I want to share the six best tips for surviving your toddler’s first haircut!

1. Know when it’s time to book the appointment.

It’s all about timing. Does your child’s hair grow fast? Did your kid start out bald and have a slower start? All children are different. For us, our little boy’s hair has been growing pretty steadily since birth. It’s changed from a softer curl to a more coarse texture. We could have let it grow out a little more, but we wanted to base our decision on tradition. And since his dad got his first haircut when he was two, we decided to give Price the same experience.

2. Talk your toddler through what’s going on.

No matter the situation, I always discuss new situations with my kids. I’ve found that it’s best to get them ready before the actual event takes place. Talking to your children does so much, and even the youngest kids typically understand what you’re saying. A little pep talk really can go a long way! For high-stress situations like a doctor’s visit, a performance, or the first day of school, it’s always good to prepare by talking together!

3. Show your kid know what they’re getting into.

I’m the type of person who likes to know what I’m getting myself into, and I like to give my kids the same respect. So before your child gets their hair cut, show them what the process is like. Maybe have Daddy go first, or go a little early so they can watch someone else before it’s their turn. If these options aren’t available to you, have your children watch a YouTube video! After all, without any context, the clippers or scissors might be a tad intimidating.

4. Distract your child.

This tip is key. You don’t want your kid to try to escape the chair, jerk their head around, or get their precious little fingers too close to the action. The best thing to do is to distract them from the haircut. Great suggestions include snacks, an iPad, or their favorite TV show.

5. Accept that you might have to take breaks.

Toddlers have pretty short attention spans, so don’t torture your kid — give ‘em a break! Halfway through your child’s haircut, let them get up and stretch a bit before wrapping things up.

6. Take before-and-after photos.

You’re ready for a change. But like it or not, you’ll miss your baby’s old hairstyle, so make sure to snap a few before pictures. And once your toddler has their new do, you’ll want to take some end-result photos too. You will definitely want to document this moment. I mean, the experience is just too precious!

I hope these tips will help you when your family reaches this milestone. They helped us navigate a potentially stressful situation, and made it easy and enjoyable. Don’t stress, have fun, and take lots of pics! 

Check out this little video of Price’s first haircut! I love his new style, and I can’t wait to try other new styles on him in the future — especially now that I know the formula to keeping him happy in the barber’s chair! 


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